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Goals can be overwhelming and a little intimidating.  The setting of them, the trying to achieve them...it’s a lot of work! And then there is the evaluation of our progress, the judgement of our performance, the celebration of a goal achieved or the guilt of a goal unrealized.  Let’s spend some time unpacking this a bit, shall we?

A brutal flaw in goal setting is the belief that when that goal is reached...you are done.  That we will be able to declare...I HAVE MADE IT!  As I work with people to frame individual goals for increased health & wellness, I find a common UNTRUTH that rears its unhelpful head. It is such an unconscious pattern of thinking that often, we don’t even realize the trap we set for ourselves to walk right into.  Cue Indiana Jones and the quicksand scene....

In “arriving”, we believe that we have overcome all the challenges, worked through the setbacks, and broken down the barriers that have blocked our path.  That we will reap the benefits of all our hard work and be able to sit back and bask in contentment.  Most people are probably nodding your heads and declaring “Isn’t that what we are working towards?”  Not even close. 

Reaching to obtain our health & wellness goals is not a static process.  It is a fluid and ever-changing process that shifts based on variables that occur throughout our lives. Lots of grey area impacting our ability to reach goals. So why then do we judge our success and ability to reach our goals through a black and white lens? 

Approaching goals with a mindset that they will be and should be challenged, restructured, and are works in progress enables us to build our self-esteem and confidence!  I challenge you to revisit your frame of reference when setting goals. 

1. Set goals that are obtainable – and then RECORD your action step!  For example, GOAL: “I want to cultivate a deeper relationship with my family”.  This would be your overall goal...the thing your actions will push you in the direction of.  Then RECORD your action step.  Writing things down helps us remain accountable for completion and stay motivated.  This will be the thing you will do – a hard set action step.  For example, ACTION STEP: “I will call Aunt Awesome, whom I may not connect with often, and visit with her about what is happening in her life”. 


2. Life is complex...which is why it is crazy to think our goal setting should only pertain to one part of our lives.  When thinking about goals – we want a balanced and well-rounded approach.  Imagine if we worked out every single day lifting weights but focused solely on our upper body.  Can you imagine how unbalanced our leg strength would look compared to our upper body?  No one wants that.  We want balanced, intentional, and overall forward growth!  Spend time developing your broad level goals in the following categories: Financial, Friendship, Family, Spiritual, Professional, Personal, and Physical.

3. Evaluate your progress with a positive attitude!  This step is probably the MOST important of them all.    Send judgment packing and consider how well you have done?  I often ask my clients “How have things gotten better this week”, “In what ways have you been able to move towards your goals”.  These statements reap far different answers and mindset compared to the way we usually ask.  The days of “How did your week go” is often answered with what happened that was wrong – but if we shift the way we are asking, chances are it will frame the answer in a more positive light. 


4. Reassess and reset!  Goals are constantly changing because you are constantly evolving!  Don’t be afraid to explore your goals and change them if they do not fit!  There is no shame is tweaking your goals to fit your abilities and rate of progress.  This journey is yours and yours alone...don’t waste time feeling crappy – set yourself up for optimal awesomeness!


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