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Wholehearted Hub Events

Jessie Brockel

Ashley Geist 

Alexis Frey

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Join us for one of our kids and adult classes! From dance to yoga to art, we can't wait to see your beautiful face at our in-person events. Stay up-to-date here or get the latest details on our Facebook page. See you soon!


The HUB Studio

Jessie Brockel

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The Hub Studio is a local wellness space where anyone and everyone is welcome to get together, learn about their bodies and what works for them, and GET MOVING! We can't wait for you to get involved in all of the fun events we have planned.

We've got your back -- LET'S DO THIS!

Studio Class & Events Calendar : CLICK HERE




  • 5 AM - 11 PM // 7 days a week

  • Studio space may be unavailable due to special events or classes that will be indicated on our calendar.

Single Class Pass

Contact for a tour and more information:

(605) 845-2058

Information & FAQs

WHH Events
The HUB Studio
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