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Join us for all of our wellness ventures! We can't wait to see your beautiful face on our Zoom calls and meet you at our in-person events. Stay up-to-date here or get the latest details on our Facebook page. See you soon!



Join the Hubster Coaches as we tackle difficult topics in a safe, virtual space. With summertime ramping up, Body Positivity is a subject that we all can relate to. Sign up for our Wholehearted Box and receive all of the items you'll need to complete our interactive virtual project during the July 18th webinar -- add on additional shop items for yourself! Let's take time to learn about our selves together. Nothing but growth in 2021 okay? Let's do this! 

Registration - June 8th - July 6th

Webinar - Sunday, July 18th @ 7pm

JOURNALING WORKSHOP | Thursday, July 22nd @ 6pm

Do you keep a journal or does it seem daunting to you? This workshop is all about diving in to find new ideas for experienced journal-keepers and find out what works for those that are new to the idea.

Don't own a journal? Archer & Olive journals and pens will be for sale at the event. Spoiler: THEY'RE ADORABLE! Come create and experiment with our team! 

Limited Availability - $25/per person

Wholehearted Box Project

Jessie Brockel

Ashley Geist 

Alexis Frey

Sarah Vetch

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The Wholehearted Box Project is an entirely new concept bringing a virtual group coaching experience to your home!

Our purpose is to bring like-minded, growth-focused, humans together to discuss the hard stuff, the uncomfortable questions, the avoided topics and learn about ourselves through guided discussion in the comfort of our own homes. Our Wholehearted Box is focused on the experience of providing a widespread opportunity to meet with a life coach in a group setting. You don't even have to leave the couch!

We are kicking off the Wholehearted Box project with seasonal topics. Every three months we will host a virtual webinar focused on the selected topic with guided and open discussions paired with an interactive activity. Just like anything in life, you get out what you put in! These activities can range from private journaling to collaging to worksheets and many more. Yes, you may even have some homework to take with you because that’s what wellness is all about -- putting in the WORK! But don’t worry, you will have an entire team behind you every step of the way.

This experience will provide you with:

- The opportunity to dig into deep topics that you may not encounter regularly

- Time to learn about deep-rooted ideas that are a part of who you are, where the heck they    came from, and how to change them if need be

- Interaction with individuals you wouldn't otherwise see, resulting in opinions, ideas, and      concepts that might challenge your own -- in the best way!

- A judgment-free community of Hubsters to act as a sounding board and cheer you on as      you chase your dreams and goals!




Is this for me?


YES! There is no age or gender for self-growth. Anyone and everyone are more than welcome to join the conversation and hop into the Hubster community.


What comes in the box?


When planning this experience, we decided early on that we didn’t want to add to the wasteful amount of products being provided in the subscription boxes on the market. 

The physical Wholehearted Box you receive in the mail will have all of the items necessary to complete the activity planned for the webinar along with the option for you to add additional products from our shop to your box upon registration and purchase if they will be of use to you!


When is the webinar? How does it work?


Body Positivity Registration Open : Tuesday, June 8th -- 6/8/21

Body Positivity Registration Closed : Tuesday, July 7th -- 7/6/21

Body Positivity Webinar : Sunday, July 18th @ 7pm -- 7/18/21


Registration for the Body Positivity Box & Webinar opens Tuesday, June 8th through Tuesday, July 6th. The webinar will be hosted through Zoom on Sunday, July 18th at 7pm.


Join us in the comfort of your own home! You will receive a Zoom link and meeting code via email leading up to the event.


This sounds like fun! How do I sign up?


Sign-up through our Wholehearted hub website! Simply select The Wholehearted Box from our “Shop” section, add any additional products you’d like to receive for the webinar to your cart, and head to checkout.


Remember, you are beautiful and you are loved just as you are. We can’t wait to meet with you--our Hubsters--and spread Body Positivity together!

The HUB Studio

Jessie Brockel

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Wholehearted Fitness is creating a local wellness community where anyone and everyone is welcome to get together, learn about their bodies and what works for them, and GET MOVING! We can't wait for you to get involved in all of the fun events we have planned.

We've got your back -- LET'S DO THIS!


Join our Wholehearted & The Support Circle team as we tackle a 5K! There is no shame in our game and we promote running, walking, biking, skipping -- anything that gets our bodies MOVING!

$35/Adult & $10/child -- Includes our Hubster Bleached T’s and Participant Pack! 

Call our office to register today! 



Want extra training support? Shoot us a message to be invited to participate in our Facebook Couch to 5K training group!




  • 5 AM - 11 PM // 7 days a week

  • Studio space may be unavailable due to special events or classes that will be indicated on our calendar with a minimum 15-day notice.


Max Membership

  • $40/month

  • Includes access to the studio space and all classes offered by Wholehearted Fitness. 

Single Class Pass

  • $10/class

  • Non-members may participate in HUB Studio classes with a $10 class pass that can be purchased through our registration forum.

Day Pass

  • $10/day

  • Individual day passes can be purchased through our online registration forum.



  • Next -- Download the GymMaster Member app. This will be used to key into the facilities and register for our fun classes!


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