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Planning the Perfect Wellness Weekend

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a yurt on a beautiful beach for a month or so? Yes, maybe, but that’s probably not real life for most of us. What could be possible though is some intentional time spent at home, or close to it, focusing on the wellness of ourselves and our families.

Break out your calendar and start planning for your wellness, now! Try one of the ideas below or create your own…

Plan A Mini Trip

“Mini” is the keyword here. Do you have a friend or family member nearby who would love to host you? Do you live within an hour or two of an affordable hotel with a pool? Plan a short 24-36 hour mini-trip, complete with a small bag, car snacks, and little to no itinerary.

This idea is ALL about ease! Give yourself a relaxed amount of time to leave and return in, make sure to come back early enough for a good night’s rest too. If you love to “get out of town” this sort of trip can be just enough peace and quiet (or excitement) to refresh the soul.


Tell everyone you are headed out of the country and then lock the door and stay home. Just kidding…kind of! The idea behind a “stay-cation” is to enjoy the comforts of home without the pressure to leave it. Stay-cations work best when the house is relatively clean and picked up.

THINK: Prepare for company coming, but YOU are the honored guest!

Order takeout, have comfy pajamas at the ready and make sure everyone in your house knows that stay-cation is for enjoyment – not remodeling the guest room.

A stay-cation can also be a great time to enjoy the things you don’t normally take time for, like treating yourself to a facial or reading a long book.

Food Prep Party

We all love a tasty home-cooked meal but during the week, after a long day of responsibilities, cooking can be a tall order, and snacks, cereal, or sad sandwiches sound better and better by the minute. Give yourself a hand during the week, with some intentional food prep this weekend.

Food prep could be a team event with a friend or quality solo time. This could be a time to prep some freezer meals, or to do simple prep for the week ahead. Tasks such as chopping fruits and vegetables, boiling eggs, cooking grains, or roasting meats can often be done on the weekend and then enjoyed throughout the following week.

You will thank yourself on Thursday!