Operation Re-Stock!

Last week our focus was creating an environment that supports our nutritional goals…so this week we are talking re-stock! Much of our success is dependent on the types of foods we chose to fill our kitchen, the space we allocate for cooking, and the intention in which we choose to savor our delicious creations.

Wholehearted living.eating.wellness is grounded in the belief that each person brings their unique talents and individuality to the table. What works for your neighbor, sister, or friends, may or may not work for you. And let’s face it…if we are going to truly sink our energy into being our best selves, we want to create a plan that takes into account our history, our personality, our metabolic needs, and caloric requirements to reach our health goals.

Although it is not the easiest of things, choosing healthy foods that are in line with our budget is an important first step to operation restock. Because I care about YOU succeeding– I have put together a list of my favorite food items that are a must-have in my kitchen and are based on what you can find in OUR community. Click HERE to print a copy of your own! Food that is affordable, fresh, nutritious, and that I can find in my community are my jam.

Feel free to add to the list if there are things that you LOVE and need in your kitchen. There are no such things as “no-no” foods, so stretch yourself to include a variety of fruits and veggies of different colors, lean meats such as turkey, and whole grains.

Coming up next week, we will be using our new kitchen ingredients to create easy, no fuss recipes!

I love to talk food…so if you have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out! Want a more personal plan created to reach your goals? Click HERE to schedule your private nutrition consultation today!

-Be healthy, live well

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