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Food has always been an important part of my life. As my family has grown and my career evolved, so has my passion for food as part of the health equation. The language surrounding eating has not always been positive and more times than not, made my job more difficult. Many people see food as the enemy, something that should not be enjoyed, and something that has truly become something we obsess over. Diets, counting carbs, juice fasts, starvation – these one size fits all strategies are for the birds. So why do we continue to punish ourselves to fit into a mold we were never meant to live in?

Let’s break the cycle people.

Food is meant to be enjoyed and used by the body to build strength, resilience, and endurance. My concept for nutrition is balance, intention, and smart choices to create the lifestyle you can flourish in and feel good about. BALANCE is key.

Now food is so much more than simply fuel. We see research that suggests that food can impact not only our body’s ability to create energy, but also impact our ability to create mental clarity, positive thinking patterns, and minimize maladaptive behaviors. You heard me impacts all systems!!

My personal mission as a dietician is to help people live their best life. The best method I have found and believe completely in is to tackle health in an INDIVIDUALIZED fashion. No cookie cutter approach and a focus on each person’s challenges as well as intentional planning to create a roadmap to reach THEIR version of success. This approach is not about me or the food. It is about YOU!

I am so blessed to have stumbled upon an organization and a crew that values the same nutritional concept. Our needs and goals are constantly in flux and WholeHearted has been able to create services solely focused on support as you evolve. We have health & wellness assessments, nutrition counseling, customized nutrition plans, physical fitness support options, accountability resources, and best of all, a community of experts in areas of the health industry including mental and physical health.

Are you ready to step towards who you were meant to be?

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-Be healthy, live well.

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