Operation MOVE YOUR A**!

Operation MOVE YOUR ASS!

Movement is key to creating a balanced lifestyle and impacts not only our physical health but also our mental health. Although it is often connected to the goal of weight loss, exercise brings so much more to the table including stress relief, building strength, increased flexibility and immune response, and deterrence to injuries. Among hundreds of research articles documenting the benefits of movement in our daily lives, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests combining two different exercises including Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Incorporating both of these fitness regimens provides the most benefit to reach your goals.

Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) workouts focus on torching those fat calories and places the least amount of strain on the body. LISS workouts include but are not limited to walking, swimming, and slow-paced jogging. Think low to moderate output and aim to incorporate them at least 2-3 times per week.

Among our LISS workouts, we want to sprinkle some of the HIIT in throughout the week to activate our metabolic burn. Although HIIT is more taxing and puts a higher demand on the body, it is an important ingredient and savvy dance partner to our LISS workouts. Think hard bursts of exertion coupled with small periods of rest. During your HIIT program, your body activates your metabolism and continues to burn calories hours after the completion of your workout. It also targets core areas of your body to make your overall strength and endurance better.

Consistent incorporation of physical fitness and movement for us includes accountability. We LOVE connecting with others who have similar goals and who doesn’t love a room full of your very own cheerleaders! Our Wholehearted crew has designed group fitness classes offering HIIT based workouts to help you reach your goals. Our classes are designed to push you but also respect your foundational fitness level. It is a go-at-your-own pace class full of people who will pump you up and support YOU.

Join us for a session and get your ASS moving today!

Dates and times can be seen by visiting www.wholeheartedhub.com/wellness.

-Be healthy, live well.

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