Portion Distortion

Portion Sizes

Size matters? Oh yes it does! Ever notice that the amount of food that is consumed is getting larger and larger? I can hear my Grandmother’s voice ring through my ears “Clean your plate!” but what is a girl to do when the amount on the plate will make you seriously miserable? Cue a portion size correction in our eating mentality.

Portion size helps us to understand what amounts of each food group are nutritionally adequate for optimal health and nutrition. Guided by MyPlate, the current nutrition guide published by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, we see that portion size, as well as types of food are important to consider when trying to meet your health goals.

MyPlate is divided into four sections of approximately 30 percent grains, 40 percent vegetables, 10 percent fruits and 20 percent protein, accompanied by a smaller circle representing dairy, such as a glass of milk or a yogurt cup.

Making it more awesome - MyPlate kicks out these helpful supplemental recommendations, such as "Make half your plate fruits and vegetables", "Switch to 1% or skim milk", "Make at least half your grains whole", and "Vary your protein food choices".

Sounds advice, especially in a world which thrives on the motto “bigger is better”. Our obesity epidemic proves otherwise. Creating an awareness to your portions can help YOU create a sustainable and healthy outlook on your romance with food.

-Be healthy, live well.

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