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Jessie Brockel, Founder + CEO

The vision of the Wholehearted Community came to me slowly. It was a feeling that kept pulling on my heart, taking up space in my head, and urging me toward its creation. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of amazing environments and around people that helped me to grow through the best and worst moments of my life.  


Cultivating an environment like this for yourself can be so darn hard though. Often, when we don’t experience support, grace, and acceptance, we will automatically assign that failure to ourselves and hold ourselves back from living, feeling, and being our best selves. I sat back and thought…EVERY PERSON should have access to this kind of space and these kinds of people.


We are working to make this dream a reality.


Our team is not only awesome and intentional - they come from various educational and experiential backgrounds–clinical and personal.  We know the science behind therapeutic growth and understand the many variables that influence our lives. We want to help you learn how to better understand yourself, your behavior, and how to nurture your own growth and development. 


Let's start BUILDING the life you've been DREAMING about!

Jessie Brockel

Jessie Brockel

Founder + CEO

Ashley Geist

Ashley Geist

Staff Writer, Content Creator, and Program Facilitator.

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