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I am Ashley Geist, a counselor, teacher, creative, and life-long learner with a strong interest in the human experience and people's stories. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northern State University and am currently a working counselor in higher education and community mental health, and an adjunct faculty member at Presentation College in Aberdeen, SD. 


While I love being a counselor, working on wellness-based content and programming for a broader audience is a passion of mine!  I love taking useful information that has historically been specific to mental health spaces, and sharing it in useful and responsible ways for general use purposes, for non-clinical needs.  


Approaching wellness holistically through the mind, body, and spirit is a main focus of both my life and my work. I love to laugh, learn, and bring a sense of fun and curiosity to my work with groups and individuals.  I believe deeply in how our bodies communicate with us, and in the power of intuition and the inner knowing of our souls.  


Professionally, I enjoy leading educational and wellness groups that are science based, yet leave room for exploring the unknown and intangible pieces of the human story and experience.  One of my favorite quotes is, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  - Theodore Roosevelt


Personally, I enjoy traveling with my husband and caring for our adopted shelter pets.  I am a life-long dancer and musician and have taught both dance and piano lessons for close to twenty years!  On the flip side of all that music and excitement, I enjoy visiting art galleries, museums, libraries, and other quiet destinations.  

In my personal time I enjoy watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, cooking and gardening, taking art and yoga classes, reading books and magazines, and writing.  I also love desserts and doing nothing on the weekends!  :)    


When I work on content for Wholehearted Hub, I build it with the intention that it will be beneficial in some way, for someone.  It is my sincere hope and intention that you find value and benefit in our work here at Wholehearted Hub!  

Ashley Geist

Ashley Geist

Staff Writer, Content Creator, and Program Facilitator.

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