Ashley Geist

Hubster Life Coach

Hello and Welcome to Wholehearted Hub!

I am Ashley Geist, a teacher, creative, and life-long learner, with a strong interest in the human experience and people's journeys. I hold both a Bachelor's & a Master's Degree from Northern State University and am currently an adjunct faculty member at Presentation College in Aberdeen, SD.

Approaching wellness holistically through the mind, body, and spirit is a main focus of both my life and my work. I love to laugh, learn, and bring a sense of fun and curiosity to my work with groups and individuals.

Professionally, I enjoy leading educational and wellness groups that are science based, yet leave room for exploring the unknown and intangible pieces of the human story. Sharing knowledge is where I thrive!

One of my favorite career roles in life has been providing career-focused services in higher education settings. I love to help individuals choose or change careers, contemplate new or advanced training or degrees, and apply for jobs. If you are looking for coaching with a career focus, I would love to work with you!

Being a musician, dancer, writer, and creative instructor for most of my life, I bring a unique perspective and out-of-the-box approach to my work with clients and love to help brainstorm creative solutions.

My hobbies include traveling with my husband to both big city and beach destinations, cooking plant-based meals, gardening, experiencing the outdoors on long walks, caring for my adopted cats and dog, taking drawing and painting classes, reading books and magazines, and practicing yoga and Pilates.

I can’t wait to meet you and start our Wholehearted journey together!