Jessie Brockel


Fellow Hubsters - I’m so glad you’re here!

I am Jessie Brockel. The girl that imagined THIS VERY MOMENT 5 years ago.

I believe strongly in living a purpose-filled life. A life built on experiences, f*ck ups, do-overs, and killing it! Who we are showing up as today is awesome-sauce…who you will show up as tomorrow is going to be equally epic. Each leg of your journey is important and should be honored.


This company has been building momentum since 2017, and I have been intentionally building a DREAM TEAM to take you to the next level. I made my first appearance in the clinical area of mental health, but with the changes in the world, and the movement of mental health in our nation, it was time that we started to change the way WE do this wellness thing!

I am a divorced, remarried mama to a blended family of 6. I tell you that because each leg of our journey is IMPORTANT! Even the messy, yucky, wish I could hide under the covers forever kind of moments. I adore helping others, especially in my community. I love spending time in the sunshine, reading, and watching movies. I also dig sneaking home to nap without anyone knowing...shhh!

I am just a small-town gal, with big dreams, leaning into the hustle!

XO, Jessie