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showing or characterized by complete sincerity and commitment

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The Growth Bundle

A 90-minute virtual learning experience beautifully curated by our team to create space for growth, reflection, and knowledge. 

and a little spice...

"Wholehearted" is more than a way of living, it is the community our team has created to support YOU! 


We believe in the journey of growth.  We recognize the challenges of moving through experiences that foster that growth because let's face it, those are often the experiences that are the HARDEST.  We want to support your movement through those difficult moments, help you identify steps forward, and celebrate all those beautiful shifts you're going to make.

Our 5 key ingredients:

Connection to like-minded, growth-seeking humans.

Our Growth Bundle - a curated learning experience including items to help support your growth in a specific area.

Guidance from our Wholehearted team of trained helpers.

Wellness spaces + events to move your body.

And most important... YOU + your unique being.

Let the posts
come to you.

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"This month, I am focusing on getting my thoughts down on paper!
Journaling is my morning priority."


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