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Guidance, strategies and accountability from a team that helps you stay committed for real results.  Weekly sessions built to: 


Prepare for Change in Your Life

Life is full of curveballs.  Learn how to tap into your courage, muster strength and overcome ANY challenge or unexpected change that gets thrown your way. 

Gain Clarity in Your Purpose

Let’s get intentional.  Explore and create a roadmap that honors your purpose in career, relationships and as a person of integrity. 

Ignite Passion in Your Relationships
Squash beliefs that are sabotaging you from true connection and discover the key to fulfillment in relationships.

Explore What Healthy Looks & Feels Like

Identify limiting beliefs the negatively impact your success and create a NEW definition for your future.

 Create Nutritious & Healthy Habits

Implement habits that stick! Explore the “WHY” behind your current habits and create meaning in establishing new ROCKSTAR habits.  

Mindfulness on Eating Cycle

Learn how to stay connected and intentional in your food choices and actions.

Honest & realistic support from a team that helps you rethink your relationship with food & your body. Weekly sessions built to: 


Fuel your success with a little help from your friends.  Our online fitness community, personalized dashboard, and trainers create a unique experience with loads of support! 

Challenge the Status Quo

Our fitness experts empower YOU to integrate movement based on your ability with loads of ideas, adaptations and accountability. 


Based on body weight & resistance training, our online classes, group fitness vault & pre-determined Workout Of the Day (WOD) help you to have what you need to be consistent and motivated – from the comfort of home, your local gym, or backyard!

More SWEAT driven, connected & personalized care from a team that helps you get moving and LOVE it.

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Our approach, as awesome as it is, may not be appropropriate for everyone. When challenges fester it can create the need for more in-depth mental health support. If you find yourself in this space check out our sister company The Support Circle.

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