The Wholehearted Box

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Picture this:

You're motivated to get your life together, so you make a to-do list and a goal sheet with good intentions, but then life hits--again.

The lists get buried and no one is there to hold you accountable except yourself. Who, let's be honest, wants to curl up with ice cream and binge the latest Netflix rom-com.

We've all been there! We get it!


Our Approach

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The Wholehearted Box is designed to create a unique wellness experience according to YOU and YOUR goals.


Connect virtually with our coaches to achieve personal growth and development toward your best life. 

Convenient, affordable, and in the comfort of your own home, our Wholehearted Hub group will give you a go-to hype girl community to brainstorm and actualize your dreams.


Work together with our team to create a deeper understanding of who you are and which path will best lead you to where you want to be.


The Hubster team can't wait to meet you!

Image by Noemí Jiménez